Wednesday, April 28, 2010

College's First Semester Holidays

Yeah...I was quite happy that I can be more free ,enjoyable and relaxing. The result of the first semester exam will come out soon this coming Thursday. This is the first term holiday which I can feel more enjoyable than the secondary school's holiday.. Maybe it was because sometimes secondary school have much more pressure, many schoolworks to be done, not enough time to rest as I got tuition almost every day of the week and during that time I don't know how to drive yet. I went around many places to shopping like 1B, Tamparuli and Bukit Padang Water World. Last Sunday ,I went to 1Borneo with Loh Chia Siang and Jing Chung to have a look at the sport cars on display there.Wow..that is nice.. I am always hoping that one day I can own a sport car or a Ninja King or an Alphard. The cars on display there are all quite costly due to the 'Kastam Tax' of more than 150 percent for foreign cars imported into the country. I can say that there was quite a big number of foreign cars on display. Well...i think if one day I am successful when I'm doing big business.. I'm think then it will be all right for me to afford such an expensive car.
Another day, we planned to go to Tamparuli. I managed to wake up at 5.00 am ,quickly took my bath then continue the journey to Tamparuli with Man Yi ,Christabel,Jing Chung, Loh Chia Siang, Authur,Rachel and me.We spent our time at Nexus Karambunai Resort ,Rasa Ria Resort and the Crocodile Farm.haha..It was quite fun. On the way back, we saw a Toyota Mark X..We thought it is the 2010 version that was just launched at Japan only few months ago.However,when we went it inside,we found that it was actually an old 2006 model. Anyway..Still nice..There were a few Lexus model which I love most..Hahaa....Comment ya?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

BBQ Today for the Class Party

Since the first semester was ended, our diploma group had organized the class party which is BBQ at the Tanjung Aru Beach 2 (actual) and suddenly changed to Tanjung Aru Beach 3.At first, we Loh chia siang , me, Authur ,Tan, Rachel and Man Yi spend about one hour to start the fire ..Haha..It is quite hard to open up the fire because the 'easy fire starter'  that we bought on Qiant, Citymall are good but the lifespan was not longer. One pack is not enough yet..Well ,we were enjoying the game throwing the water balloon.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Feel in love with the movie .IP Man

Finally the semester exam was over, before the days that I keep pushing myself to try and study all the chapters and books. The time was passing very fast ,especially the exam is coming soon. I just finished my 3 months studies for d first semester at IS. Now I am still having my extremely enjoyable holiday break to wait the next semester. Can I still can study for the next semester? This needs to see my actual result on the board which will publish by 29th. I kept myself busy watching some of the best movie while at my house. I just found out that the movie "IP man" is great enough especially the kung fu action is fast and effective. Anyway,I'm also the fans of Donnie Yen.Did the great job. Next week the movie will be launching soon. So my heart is "pok pok" a bit and can't wait for it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today , we moved on to Tan Brothers which is located at Likas Road. We requested and asked the supervisor for permission to let us take a group photo with the New Toyota Land Cruiser V8. Without any hesitation, he said yes to us. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday of the month

Today, I was quite happy because finally the day has arrived for me to do my presentation. One of my friend Jing Chung and me were to do our presentations to the class. He was presenting about the Toyota Altis while I was presenting about the Lexus LS460. The car presentation was one of the Business English assignment. The time given for the presenter to do their presentation is about 20 minutes. Before this day, I can say that I can't sleep during afternoon and keep opening the Microsoft power point to double check and try to remember the details which I want to present. During at night, I was too nervous and keep bothering my friends on Facebook which are boring and relaxing. By the way, the presentation was now over ,so I need to focus on the final exam. That's all..don't wanna think about other stuffs at the moment right now.