Sunday, March 14, 2010

My shopping cart yesterday...

Fake turbo valve.Maybe just install it at the back of exhaust then will get turbo sounds?Just let try.Hope it will work for my car.(lowyat too)

Can be considered to be 'Noise proof or Sound Proof' to stick beside the door to prevent the heavy wind from blowing noisily against the car windows. My car is always having heavy wind sounds and feel very noisy.Ordered 'Low yat",hope the stuffs can arrive.

Bought PAWS Alarm for security because I feel that the original Alarm is not good enough.

Non-slip pedal specially made for Perodua vehicles.This pedal is small in size and easy to use. This is because Perodua cars' clutch between brake's and acceleration's pedal are too near to each other.

My shopping cart for yesterday.

Boring days~

Now already begin in march and april is coming soon...So what to do?The semester exam is also appraoching soon. I have a lot of pressure in my brain and keep turning mself here and there in bed. Malaysian Studies and Moral education are the 2 subjects which I worry about the most. I hope all of my best friends can do well at their semester exam. Haha.. Last Thursday ,We went to KK high school to get our SPM results. There was a delay and there was no notifications given to us about the dalay at all.
Luckily I managed to get 2As and 2B+ ,4 Credits and 1G which is the Sejarah(i think many people also get it,because the books is too thick and the time table slotted in-between B.M.) So which one is more important? Confirm is BM la).Anyway, Ifeel quite happy with my results anyway and can't believe that my Prinsip Perakaunan is an 'A'. I was so happy on that day..Thanks God for his blessings.
With my getting the 2As, my mother is sponsoring me a set of sport rims for my Kenari. The rims are not so luxurious and chrome like the made-in-Japan Alloy Rims.But the rims is quite meaningful to me!The rims can be useful for many purposes and I got them due to my obtaining good results. Beside that,I also ordered some items from Lowyat net include (fake turbo valve that plug into the exhaust at the back) and the noise proof sticker to prevent heavy wind "whooshing" sound coming into my car.Hope I get the order as soon as possible.