Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pressure along this 2011!

Well. Finally my studies have to come to the second year.
What is my feeling that the subjects for all are very hard and always need to spend more time to do research on it but the problem is so many subjects how do i manage to do it well? Assignment also come like one by one.

During the cny, i'm does not spend my time to have holiday outside the country or domestic. So when staying at KK, really feel not fun and boring sometimes because lion dance also can't saw many due to the raining season and economic market issue. Since my relative and cousin are quite lesser because most of the 70 percent will be staying outside the domestic area. So my total of cousin can be counted in hand small only.

Friday, September 3, 2010

31st of August 2010!

First here to said Happy Birthday to Malaysia.Hope that Malaysia can be growing from current step to more advance step. Hope the '1 Malaysia' slogan can be success. During the day , Our kenarianz planned before the days and went up to Kundasang. Thanks ah chok for being our GPS to let us know more about kundasang, Actually i been to kundasang long time ago, but haven't drive myself ..Well ,quite enjoying at Kundasang's Atmosphere because there is cool and a good place that to release stress!!
After i went there, i totally released all my study stress. Because i'm driving ,so i din't manage to hold my camera .

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kenarianz @ Sabah Chapter~16/07/2010

Kenarianz Sabah Gathering! Over 20 ++ plus kenari ready on the road.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lowering down my kenari yesterday night.

Special thanks to 'Ah Fui and 'Alex' who helped me to change the sport spring and absorber together. Thanks to Kenarianz member also.!

Result :
Front 3 finger gab
Rear 2 finger gab

Lowering down approximately 20mm.
Performance still ok because can't test fully due to the absorber still new.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kenari Car Owners Gathering on Friday!

Recently , I have joined the Kenarianz Club of Sabah .
Every Friday we Kenari car owners will have our gathering at Lintas and Habour City!

*My apology for the poor quality pictures taken by my old and first generations Iphone. I will bring my Dslr next time!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sapura ProRide

Recently, I booked the ProRide Sport Absorber ( for low ride performance) + ProRide Sport Spring for my Kenari.
From what I had researched so far and tips from many forumers who posted and talked about this brand of spring. Because Proride is affordable and the performance so far is rated as good ! Somebody even told me that it can compete with even the branded ones which are well known in the market. Besides that, the price tag is quite reasonable . The manufacturing is made in Malaysia using is Germany Technology. Inspite of this feature however it still can't compare to the Japanese brand . Different price tag , different quality.Made for Malaysia larh because Malaysia road is the worst in the world!

1. estimated 2-3 finger gab between tyre and fender or lowering estimated 20mm from the original height

2.Will be great if the sport absorber use together with lowered coil spring .(feel not so bumpy)

3.How about handling?this i can't sure because i still can't get any definate answer from internet . But most of those online who gave their feedback to me are quite comfortable with its performance.

Here is the seller and contact:-

Well , he totally is a good seller and providing my superb service .
I had contacted him on the sale and he promised me he will send the goods by E-parcel on Saturday.
Without ant need for me to worry , he really did that and send information about the tracking number for e-parcel and the MMS (Photos) to let me know about it.. He started selling different kinds of car suspension , absorbers and springs for every car model. If you have any queries, you can try and pm him on lowyat .

Thanks god for blessing me ,
Finally,yesterday my goods arrived earlier than schedule and here I need to thank "Pos Laju' for being so responsible and sending my goods by the first priority.

Now what do I do next?
Waiting the day to come to for install them on my Kenari! WOW!.
Have a nice day

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My few shots for the moments

Wow...Finally I am free during the holidays. Well, I still have some of the homework that are still not done yet because I am not really sure how to do them. I think I should ask my accountancy tuition teacher for help to help me solve the problem. Ha!Ha! Aiyo...Hmm..looks like I have to use my finger and count..It's was about 4 months ago that I didn't take any photos to upload them to my blog because I was busy and KK. here is boring and not much function as compared to KL. Here are the shots that I took in the afternoon today.